Anyone watch rupaul's drag race?

it’s one of my favourite shows, haven’t seen all the seasons yet though! anyone else seen it and if so who are your favourites? also who do you think will win this season? my hopes are pinned on jaida but i also love gigi. love crystal but not sure if i’d want her to win :woman_shrugging:t2:


I do watch it, I’m only on the fourth season.

I’ve also seen what these people have done outside of the show (Sherry Pie, Carman Carrera), and I can’t say I agree with them.

Loved Raja from season 3. Totally deserved to win. But, I was also rooting for Alexis.

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oh cool! i’ve only seen seasons 11 and 12 (and some of 1 and 5) and am halfway through the uk version.

My favorites from Season 12 are Gigi, Jaida, and Crystal. I’m really glad they made top 4.

yeah think they’re my favourites too! loved jan though

Already mentioned in an other thread of you, but I love RuPaul’s Drag Race :two_hearts:
My friend couldn’t stop talking about it and showed me and I immediately fell in love with the show! I’m currently watching season 7 and I’ve seen season 1-6 and 10.
I think Shangela (season 2 and 3) is my favourite drag queen! I disliked her at first (I hate myself for it now) , but now I love her so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wanted Manila to win :sleepy:

aha my mum watched it before me and got me into it, i’m lucky enough to have a very accepting family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: have you seen celebrity drag race?

Yes I’ve watched all the seasons including all stars! My all time favourite is Adore Delano, I met her at Dragcon and cried and she told me “Don’t cry omg you’re gonna ruin your f makeup” :sob::sob::sob:

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I wanted Manila to win All Stars so bad :pensive:

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Oops, that was a spoiler :sweat_smile: It’s okay though!

my bad :sweat_smile:

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YOU MET ADORE? OMG, JEALOUS :sob::sob::sob:
She was my favourite of her season :blush:

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I love her so much she was so friendly. She acts the same off screen and on screen. Partyyyy

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That’s so great! :smiley::smiley:

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you’re so lucky omg. never met anyone famous tbh lmao

Manila was amazing, gotta say…

During the fake interview in the first few episodes, when she was pretending to have a strong Asian accent was pretty funny.

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i never watched rupaul’s drag race but I LIVE FOR TRIXIE MATTEL SHES A KWEEN PERIOD.

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Amen :raised_hand:

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