Anyone what to help tidy my puzzle up?

just realised I gave you the wrong link and that it won’t let you accsess it here is the link you needed

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The first link was fine! It made me go through both episodes but I completed the game :slight_smile:
I’ll just send you a screenshot of the completed one so you can see if it’s a different solution. I think it might be right but you can just tell me that lol

ok :slight_smile: as long as the solution works when you press done it should be fine :smiley:

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Not sure if that’s right. Might have been missing something.

thats the correct answer Unfortunately looks like I’ve found another correct answer witch the game would recognise as wrong

:joy::sweat: looks like I need to re do the pattern on it.

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Oh I see now. Perhaps you could find one online and just remake it? I don’t know if that’s what you did in the first place.

It was really entertaining though and I haven’t seen many stories that use tappable overlays.

I’d be more than happy to re play it when you change it if you want it double checked again :smile:

Thanks and I never thought of that :smiley:

I’ll have a look at that now, thankfully I’ve still got the tiles I made before I converted them to a picture so it should be easy enough to edit them.

Thank you for that :wink:

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np! good luck :slight_smile:

can’t seem to find any puzzles like this :confused: think I’m just goint to have to experiment

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Taking a look now! I think putting a narration explaining what to do before starting the game would be very helpful! It’s very fun, but I’m getting confused because each square looks very similar, so I’m not exactly sure how to play :slight_smile:
But again-- huge kudos for working on this!! It’s pretty amazing already, and I’m sure with a little more work you’ll have it looking (and working) even more amazingly :smiley:

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Thanks, another person has had a look too, unfortunately we have discovered that there is 2 possible solutions :confused: so I need to come up with a Patten that has only one answer

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I think I figured out where I was getting stuck-- when you tap a piece, it rotates, correct? I didn’t notice it at first, but now I do :slight_smile:

I just recreated @southampton23 's attempt and got “incorrect try again”

that’s correct yes :slight_smile: I also think I’ve come up with something that may make placing them easier for me :slight_smile:

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On other suggestion I have is to make the “Done” button a little higher on the screen, because where it is, it’s a little difficult to press-- it’s too close to the bottom so it doesn’t always register when I press it

looks like there is a 3rd solution ha ha ha

This is the correct solution

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I guess what you can do for those “incorrect” options that look correct-- you could put some sort of catch in there about “this might look correct, but not the answer I’m looking for” or something like that? Since it technically is a solution, just not the one you’re looking for. That way the reader knows, but doesn’t get discouraged and think it’s a glitch! :slight_smile:

I think I’ve got another idea :slight_smile:

If I take the time to ensure that the wires match up. I could say that in order for the puzzle to be complete the wires must match (no breaks)

I could also use some diagrams to show this like instructions…


Ooh yes! That’s a great idea-- I love it :smiley:

Just replying to keep openas puzzle has taken longer than expected to fix but is almost done

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