Anyone who can help me with making a background?

Hey guys i need this picture to look like an smasht and ruint plane.
If anyone can help me please pm me

Do you have anyone helping you yet?? If not I can try my best for you

@ChayChay are you doing it

Y’all can do it… they haven’t responded to me

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there probally sleeping and thx

Maybe… lol they posted it 2 times too…

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Here you go!!


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Hope you like it and please remember if you use either of the ones I sent please credit @EpisodeStudio on forums or on insta

I dont have anyone on it so If you would your welcome

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I posted 2 above… lol not sure if they are good… but I tried… lol

Maybe There could be No skye and the plantes a little bit Smaler så on one of the seats but thanks you

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I can do it with no sky… lol and what about the seats? And trees smaller… got it

Yes thanks you