Anyone who can make a cover art?

Anyone who can make me an art cover?
NOT a character edit but digital art

Character details

Hair: Hair flip
Color Hair: medium warm brown
Skintone: Neutral 03
Face shape: diamond long
Nose: Defined neutral
Lips: full heart pouty
Color lips: Beige light gold matte

Characters outfits: The "Deep V Swimsuit Lycra Grey White "

A girl who is surfing on a wave her hair is in the wind and she is smiling.
he wave can look like this.
The sun is shinning and with a blue sky
. wave
and i would like this to be digital art and it doesn’t have to look exactly like the description or the bathingsuit but something that looks like that.

And i would like the text to say
and the text can look like this


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I can help Request here @Hannah_minna

Can you sent some of you digital art examples?

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They are on the thread above

I have check’t there weren’t any of thoes

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Yeah but that is not digital art that is photoshop

Good quality digital art takes time (and is generally something people commission for). Is this something you want done within a certain time frame or to a high standard?

Does it cost money?

Sorry no can do then

Ok thanks

Here’s what a dressup game can spit out for you in 30 seconds.

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What do you mean?

I mean that it’s probably easier to find a good surfer-girl dressup game (this one didn’t have very many options but I’m sure you could find one with more) than it is to have someone create an entire cover from scratch. People on the forums are generally better at editing than digital art so if you can give them ingredients which are as close as possible to what you want, it’ll be easier for them to put together something you’ll like.

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I would recommend:

They really are all AMAZING artists!!


Do u mean like an art scene?

No a cover


How sweet thank you love

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