Anyone who can make me a cover for my storie?



Hey guys i need a cover for my new story named “JESSICA JONES” the story is baced on the serie on Netflix
So i need someone who is experienced on so it looks like like a drawing.




send the details please


can i see some of your work?


I’m in a group so I will show you my group work




here is one of are recent work we did it yesthreday as a group affort



ok the pic up in the desciption is the one i want draw’t


do you have the episode characters



so you want me to draw the character also what is the title


no i dont want it to look like an episode characters
just so it looks drawt


@epi.alyssaa @ForeverMagic112 @Unique_911 @Cayla_Chanel_Whitt @zoe4564 can you help me out


Please take this to PM as it is off topic and derailing the thread. Thanks.




Do you have a episode characters or do you want me to trace the characters


I can’t draw well, you should ask @DeathlyCow she’s really good at drawing art.



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