Anyone who could make me some text overlays?

Hi guys
I need some text overlays in this font :blush:

Text overlay 1

Batman Forever Font |
I want this font in black and it should say CHAPTER - 1 till 10
Anyone who could make it, would be awesome<3

Text overlay 2

Quantum Font |
I want this font in ice blue and it should have my story name FROSTBITE in all caps as well

i want both the text overlays as one




Anyone who could do it would be great!!

Credit will be given

is this okay?

Yeah it is
But could you make the colur of the chapter a little lighter?

what’s the color of your background?
this is what it looks like if I didn’t remove the white bg

This looks good
But the problem is when I upload it to the overlays section in the portal it is shrinking and becoming small
Do you know who to fix that?

you can use spot directing to resize your overlay

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first, click the show helpers on the right side and then it will show you the spot directing button and then click change overlay and after that you can now scale and rotate your overlay.

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Thanks :+1:

Do you want credit for the chapter 1 overlay?
If yes how can I credit you?

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yeah sure, my instagram @emerald.epi and my forums @emstories.epsd :green_heart:

send me your email so I can send you the chapters 2-10 :green_heart:

I think I’ll make the 2-10 is that ok
I’ll give you credit for the first one :wink:


This might sound weird but how do you code an overlay?

@overlay overlay_name create
@overlay overlay_name opacity 1 (so that your overlay will show up)
@overlay overlay_name moves to zone (zone you want to put your overlay)

and after that you can now do this

Ok and the show helpers is on the preview area right?

yes yes

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And should the overlay name be in Caps?

yes yes

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It is showing an error could you give me an example for the coding with the overlay name as ‘left arrow’

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You could just PM me or DM me on Madison.episode21

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