Anyone who speaks Irish


Can anyone translate the words “Mount Natural” and “Thank you.” and also “It’s just a joke” into a Irish? I’d be very grateful.


You can use the goggle translate for that…
Or I can do that for you?


I’m not sure if these are right but,

Mount Natural- Mount Nádúrtha
Thank you-Go raibh maith agat
It’s just a joke-Níl sé ach joke

Hope they help, once again I’m not sure if they are correct, I just used a translator haha.



I know you can google translate it but I want it to seem more authentic because google translate just makes it sound weird






@Clarkie did the translating so you can use them,
As I don’t know any irish people over here…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:




No problem, I just made one mistake.

Its just a joke-Is é a joke ach
The translation I wrote turned out to be- Its not just a joke :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry for the mistake but the others should be correct, I’ve checked them with Irish-English as well.