Anyone who want thers story cover in my edits

i do not have any examples yet sorry. but I have started to make background for people to use.

and in some, I am gonna put posters in. like bedrooms and do you have a cover.

please note i will look at your story before using it. if i dont think your story is good it will not be used. and by good i mean spot directing and good. where the plot goes I dont really care unleash its like very horrible. i do not expect you to have a story as great as the featured onces. just that the characters are not soaring in the middle of a scene. reads do not matter

@gisellec @JannahJackson @Marshmallow_O

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I’m down for it!! :heartpulse:

cool do you have picture. i did tag peopls whos story i had read and knew was good stories, there is more this was just the ones i could find

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Oh okay! I’ll send a pic rn :slight_smile:

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