Anyone willing or know people who can do story shout outs?

Hey guys!
I believe i have a truly remarkable story published (and still continuing) and am wondering if any of you have an account you are comfortable to post story shout outs on or know anyone that does!

I will definitely credit on my growing page to help with your account also (as every author would love to get a few extra reads!)

Below is my TikTok account which may influence you to read! and my Instagram and Episode link as well!

EPISODE STORY: Episode Writer Portal
TIKTOK: TikTok - Make Your Day

Firstly, congrats on publishing a story.
Before anyone gives a ‘shoutout’ it would need to be read first, to see if it’s worthy to recommend to our followers, groups etc.
I have a fb group, we recommend stories, we discuss etc, but obviously, I can’t recommend a story without reading it, as it has to pass certain criteria to be recommended…
I did read c1, and this is just my opinion.
Firstly, your directing was amazing, but for me, as a proof reader as well, the plot and dialogue was a little all over the place, I didn’t really understand what was going on, apart from her father clearly was kidnapped.
Hopefully, you’ll get other peoples perspectives too.
I can send you examples on Instagram of what I refer to regards dialogue etc.

thanks for the feedback!

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As a reader of this story, I feel like you didn’t give it much of a chance only reading chapter 1.
To get a better understanding of most stories it is best to read the first three as they are like an introduction, as episode makes you publish or asks you to publish 3 before releasing.
If this story is not worthy of a shout id love to see what is because GAWD DAMN I’ve honestly never seen or read anything with such good directing and storyline.
I would read chapters 1-3 before making an assumption.
obviously everyone has their own opinions but I would just suggest reading c1-3. :slight_smile:

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That’s fair, but like I said, just my personal opinion.
C1 is very important to grab the readers attention, to make them want to read on.

And I commend and admire anyone who can write a story the app, I know I couldn’t.

What stories have you shouted out? I would just like to see what they’re first chapter is like, just to get an idea :slight_smile:

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Recent stories I have done a shout out and recommended are:
A sip of time
Bound by ash
She devil
Wicked allurement
Prince of Malibu

I think the purpose of EpyJayx’s post was because she’s a new writer and doesn’t currently have a lot of reads and obviously was looking for shoutouts, to boost reads and get noticed.
These episode stories you’ve “shouted out” and recommended already have like 100k + reads Lol so they don’t rlly need the shout out. Are they’re any small authors that you would recommend??

I don’t go on reads, I go on the story content.
When I see a new story come out, I will recommend, whether it’s from a new author or established one.
If the story is good, then I will recommend.

Got it. This post was for her to boost reads tho! thanks.

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I think giving a shout out and recommending differ then, as I don’t recommend a story unless I’ve read it…
A shout out, is more like asking others to read, to help a new author, whether you’ve read it or not?

My apologies then, I obviously misunderstood

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Could you possibly give me honest feedback on my story? I would really appreciate it.

It’s only the first 3 episodes :slight_smile:

Story: Saving Tomorrow
Author: Franziska
My instagram is: episode.franziska
Genre: Drama/Romance
Description: Delilah, a teenage girl struggling to move on from her past, finds herself living the same day over and over again. Will you help her escape or will she stay stuck for eternity?

Yes, I’m happy to do that for you… Will send you my thoughts on private message when I’ve read it.

I messaged you on your Instagram