Anyone willing to create a cover photo for me?


I haven’t the slightest clue how to go about creating a cover photo, I know there are some amazing artists that can create some great cover photos so I would be really grateful if someone would possibly do mine? I would, of course, credit the creator in my story!

Let me know if you are able to help me out in any way and I will add a picture of the characters and a brief description of the story.

Many thanks!


I’d LOVE to do it!


Hols are in 1 day and I’d have the time of my love to make it for you!


That’s amazing of you, thank you!
I’d like my characters to look like the picture attached, in the same poses if possible.
As for the story, it’s about the MC living 2 separate lives, one through a simulator and the other in reality. There isn’t really much more to say than that, I know that isn’t very helpful but if there’s any way you can somehow emphasise the 2 lives thing without revealing that one is through a simulator (that’s going to be a bit of a reveal later in the story) then that would be amazing! Thank you again for offering to do this for me :slight_smile:


Oh, and if you want to change the clothing, feel free!
Male character on the left (with longer black hair) is more of a casual, hopeless romantic kind of guy.
Female character is quite shy, but can be sassy and confident when she needs to be.
Male character on the right (with shorter brown hair) is a businessman, confident and always smartly dressed.

Hope some of that helps hehe!


Okay, sure just need some things.

-The poses
-The outfit that they are wearing
-And description.
-And background

  • And title
  • Big, Small or both?


Okay, I need 2 go 2 sleep tomorrow, once u have given me the information, I will send the cover 2 u. And in how many days do u need it?


Title is ‘Better Than Life’, title fairly big please and could you add ‘follow me on Instagram at bekki.episode’ somewhere too, please?

Well the story is ready to publish now, so whenever it is ready. As soon as possible but take your time :slight_smile:


I can try to make you one!


Sure, perhaps you could make an outro for me, I was going to ask for one anyway hehe.


I can also make one. I can create you some splashes if you want :blush: sorry im just straight up bored


Haha, I would love for you to make one! The more the merrier, and I really appreciate you all taking the trouble to do this for me :blush:


Its not trouble at all!
Do you want me to do it with the same characters?


By the way, I’m very new to this. What are splashes? hangs head in shame

And yes, same characters please if you wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:


Splashes are for example
This story uses sound
Thia story uses mature themes
Follow me on ig
To be continued
Chapter 1


Oooh I didn’t know that’s what they were called hehe! I’ve just done a ‘mature themes’ one but I would love a ‘to be continued’ one for the end!


Sure! Do you mind if i do it in a couple hours?


No of course not, I didn’t expect you to do it so soon, to be honest! Thank you so much :smile:


Im back and i would need the character details because the image you sent is blurry :smile:


Hey Mari, thanks for getting back to me. Here’s the info (I hope it’s what you needed hehe):

Brow - Thin curved
Eyes - Round Bold (Brown)
Face Shape - Soft heart
Nose - Upturned
Lips - Classic (Ruby Red)
Skin - Light
Hair Long feathered (Chestnut)

MALE1 (on left in cover photo):
Brow - Thick tapered
Eyes - Narrow gentle (Green)
Face shape - Diamond
Nose - Button
Lips - Smirk (Blush)
Skin - Fair
Hair - Emo Boy Hair (Black)

MALE2 (on right in cover photo):
Brow - Thin arch
Eyes - Classic round (Blue)
Shape - Defined triangle
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven (Blush)
Skin - Light
Hair - Long bangs (Cayenne)

Dress - Rhinestone Sundress
Shoes - Gold heels
Accessories - Gold Rising Star Earrings
Red Chunky Necklace
Yellow Boho Bracelet

Shirt - Light Blue Beach Boy Linen Shirt
Bottoms - Slim Slacks (Black)
Shoes - Black Leather Oxford Shoes

Shirt - White Plain Suit Shirt and Tie (green tie)
Bottoms - Large Stitch Jeans (Black)
Shoes - Basic Sneakers

FEMALE: flirt_shy (face right)
MALE1: flirt_shy (face right)
MALE2: idle_awkward (face left)

Is that all the info you needed? Thanks so much for doing this for me :blush: