Anyone willing to do a review for a review? :)

Hi everyone, I would love to do a review for a review if anyone is interested. I have published my first three episodes and would love to get as much feedback as I can possibly get. :blush:

If you want a review done by me, simply fill out the following:

Story name:
Author name:
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I will send the reviews in PM, but if anyone wants me to post it in the comments instead please let me know. :slight_smile:

Anyways, here is the link to my story called Under Construction : :relaxed:


Sure also who made that amazing cover

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Hey, I would like a review for a review :smile:
Story name: Tears Between Smiles
Author name: TessS
Number of episodes: 3
Genre : Romance
Thanks, I will start reading yours right now! :blush:
And I would like the review to be here,in the comments, thank you :black_heart:

hey :heart: I’d be glad to do review4review :heart_eyes:
Title: You,Me And The Beat
Author’s name: Anna
Number of episodes: 3/ongoing
Genre: Drama
Link to the story:


I’m down for that. I’m going to send the review for you through PM if that’s ok. And you can send mine here or in PM.
Here’s my story:

Story name: Plan B
Author: Madalynn
Chapters: 4
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: You have a past with prison break planning but now you’ve left that life behind. Until you meet a cocky but charming Braiden Duane, who asks your help. Will you be able to say no?
Instagram: madalynn.episode

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Thank you very much, I actually got my boyfriend to do it, he studies graphic design so I bugged him until he agreed on making it for me. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your help, this is my first time creating a topic so I’m not really surprised I managed to mess something up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really enjoyed your story because of how you created your characters and how realistic everything is. MC is not some shy girl who is going to let other people bully her but she will set them straight. I enjoyed how the LI, Marcus and Tom, are portrayed. Both seem like genuine nice guys and if you made me choose between them right now, I would have a hard time picking which one to date honestly. Tom seems like a classic bad boy but when you meet him you can clearly tell that he is a nice and sweet guy and that there isn’t anything cliche ‘bad boyish’ about him. Marcus may seem at first like he isn’t the brightest but again you showed us that he is his own person, and there is more to him than hanging out with Veronica and other girls. It was really cute how he showed everyone that he is serious about MC when he kissed her in the cafeteria. I am interested in why MC’s mother is so overprotective of her, but I guess we will find that out in the later chapters.
I think it would be a good idea (if you haven’t thought of it) to add some more flashbacks to MC’s parents, I believe there is a lot of space for further development. To me it seemed a bit odd how her mum suddenly went from being over controlling to behaving completely normal and understanding.
Jenny seems to be quite the wild, carefree person and I must say I like that she is in a way role model for MC. You said she was based of your favorite singer, is it perhaps Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless? :blush:
I love the type of music you went with, I’m a fan of punk rock as well so I quite enjoyed seeing all the bands getting mentioned. :3
There was a nice amount of choices, and I like how in I believe episode two our choices started to affect the plot. I liked how it all depended on luck when we were choosing our meal on our date. I’ll just say I vomited on poor Marcus thanks to my choice, curse me and my love for Italian food. :joy: :joy:

I know you said you find adding music to be a pain but I think that music would be a brilliant bonus while MC and Jenny were on the Blink 182 concert.

Your directing skills are very good, I just saw a couple minor mistakes that are barely noticeable but I’ll write them just in case you would want to know.
There weren’t any grammatical errors as far as I could tell, I just found two:

In the scene with Tom when we choose what question we’d like to ask him:
What do your tattoos mean or what does your tattoo mean should be written,
not what does your tattooes mean and
the scene when we are on a date with Marcus it should be: "wow that’s a great book, I thought you would say some teenage romance book, instead of: wow, that’s a great book, I thought you will tell some teenage romance book

I noticed you used a few backgrounds that aren’t from Art catalog, and I especially loved MC’s bedroom. Also there weren’t that many overlays, but when there were, they were nicely placed and didn’t look out of place.

All in all I am definitely planing on reading more when new chapters are published. Like I said I love that the characters have depth and that the story is not written like every other romance story on Episode.
I think that you did a fantastic job seeing as it is your first story. :blush:

Some of the directing errors I have noticed:
Just at the beginning I feel like the animations you used while having a fight with MC and MC’s mum were a bit too aggressive given the fact there were only 2-3 sentences exchanged between them.

When Marcus first approaches MC he walked over the fountain.

The moment when the MC is talking to Jenny about meeting her at the bar has quite a jump and all of a sudden we are in MC’s room getting ready to go out, maybe you should add at least narration bar that says “After school ended” or something similar that you see fit?

At the bar Jenny is holding a cigarette but at the same time holding a cup

Tom should be facing left when talking to MC after he introduced her to his and Jenny’s friends, instead he is facing right

Jenny and her boyfriend are not standing on the floor but a bit above it at the party at Veronica’s

After when Tom kisses MC, it seemed like he just ‘jumped’ away, instead of walked away

When MC is on a date with Marcus the waitress moves from being behind the couple to suddenly stand in front of them

Before Marcus kisses the MC he is facing right instead of facing left

At the bus stop MC looks a bit too big compared to background and Tom was at the wrong layer when he approached her

After conversation with Veronica MC walks away but does it with animation idle rather than walk_rear



Thanks so much :black_heart:
You have no idea how happy I am that you enjoyed the music references :smile: And you guessed right, it’s Taylor Momsen :blush: And yes, there will be more flashbacks in the next chapters.
Can I ask you one question? Did you flirt with Tom or friendzoned him in chapter 3? :smiley:
Thank you so much for pointing out the directing and grammar mistakes, this is really helpful. :relaxed:
And with that waitress, it happens when you click too fast :smiley: :woman_facepalming:t3: I was trying to fix it when I was previewing it, but when I previewed it second time and I didn’t tapped on the screen she stands behind them, like she is supposed to :sweat_smile:
Do you want your review here or should I PM it to you? :slight_smile:

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Yeah I flirted with Tom and loved how I got scolded. :joy: :joy:

I do tend to read very fast so it was probably it, same happens when I read too fast and I see the entire animation for lets say flirt_fingersnap instead of seeing the end result of it, like the writer intended it to be. :sweat_smile:

Honestly whatever is easier for you, comment or PM, both work for me. :smile:

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My story isn’t published yet, but I can still review yours and give you feedback x

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Story name—> Choose!!!
No. Of episode—> 3
Genre—> adventure/sci-fi

Would love to listen your thaughts , and I will read your story when I reach home And will tell you :wink:

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So I love your story! The directing is really amazing, and the characters are portraited in a great way. I don’t know when do you plan Devon and Dante to meet (or if you even plan to do it), but I am looking forward to it. I felt so bad for Devon and Tara because of their parents, no child deserves to be treated like this.
My favourite character so far is probably Cabdriver Richie :joy:
Your story was also funny, I loved the scenes with profs :smile: (dog in a barrel) and the scenes with choices, when she had angel Devon and Devil Devon on her shoulders (the devil always won :D)
I didn’t spot any grammar mistakes.
But I spot two things in the directing
-when you use the narrator bubble with name Both, make the characters do the animation at the same time as the narrator bubble appears, because they were doing it before the bubble appeared
-and at the beggining of the scenes in class (with the desk), for a brief moment I saw the background without characters and without overlay (but this could be because of my quick tapping :D)
Otherwise it was fantastic, I will totally read more. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’m really glad you liked the professor scene (it actually happened back when I was in high school if I’m honest). :joy:
Also thank you for spotting the error with the speech bubble and animation, I’ll be sure to fix that one, and for the no characters and overlay is something I tried to fix, but no matter what I did it stayed the same so I gave up on that, I don’t know whats up with that scene. :roll_eyes:

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Sure, I’d love that. :blush:
Please let me know when you decide to publish it so I can give you a review if you’ll want it. :smiley:

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wow that must have been hilarious :smiley:
did you put the overlay with the background name?
and did you use & command when placing characters?
-just some suggestions, if it helps I will be glad :smile:

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Will do :smile:

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I really liked your story , characters , and main their hair colours ,lol and the cover you forced your boyfriend to make :joy:
1)I choose to be good and don’t slap her (dad’s assistant) but I really wanted to do that :sweat_smile:
2)At party, I really thought you are making mean girls scene and I was like"not again clinches" :joy:
You just use it pretty good
3) English is not my language ,but I understand it pretty easily , so credit goes to you for that
4) I think at last episode , after DJ’s boring self book promotion ,in locker background , You just miss both on speech bubble :thinking: ( or in Episode 3 I don’t recall correctly)
5) I am in love with his (the one with horns) cuteness , he didn’t gonna hurt people , people’s are bad , they just judged others (lol)
But I didn’t see much boys portrays like that , I liked how you make him and his personality :wink:
That’s all , I am totally waiting for next chapters to come😉hope you update soon and get my fanmail

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I’ve sent you your review in PM. :blush: