Anyone willing to do art scenes?


Hey, I’m looking for someone that is okay with creating some art scenes for my story: Wanting You. I’m creating Episode 6 right now, but there’s a part that’s needing an art scene so reply back if you are able to help a fellow episode author out :)))


-Wanting You-




Thanks for the tag @Secretz_lol
I would love to help if you would like me to


really omg thank you so much :slight_smile:


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE who can’t talk on topic right now will do it if you would like to pm Her… we are both part of EpisodeStudio


I just texted her, it really means a lot that you’re willing to help me out. I really want to do good on this story and i reckon art scenes really help :smile:


That it wil… so will an amazing cover and splashes…


yes exactly right, i really wanna improve so great directing and art will most certainly help me out.


Yes… I agree… I’m sure you’ll do great


your positive attitude really helps people out a lot.


Aww thanks… that’s sweet to say…


:))) no worries it’s true episode is a very respectful community but you have those people who aren’t so nice.


That’s everywhere and anywhere


exactly so it’s best to ignore and look at the positive aspects


I agree…