Anyone willing to give me art lessons/tips (IBIS PAINT)


Shani Here, I’m a pretty shit artist, however I intend to change that lmao. But with the help of artists from the community! :blush: If anyone would like to help me, or give me tips… PLEASE FEEL WELCOME TO! :heart:


Hi! I was new too. For beginners, what is best, is to use @episode_amanda’s (Instagram) EA and to screenshot, to draw over on a different layer. I don’t know if this is good for you (I’m not proffesional or anything). You can also join EpisodeBliss where they offer tutorials! :heart:


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Yeah I saw it on her youtube channel, I use it for my character edits, and I always use layers… You can never be too careful. :laughing: I’m going to check EpisodeBliss out now! :heart: