Anyone willing to give my story a chance?

Hey everyone, I recently just published the first three episodes of my new story and I was wondering if anyone would like to give it a chance and give me their opinion on it!

Name: Rumination
Description: At an attempt to avenge her own death, the confusing lies unravel to shape the hidden intention of a so-called experiment at finding the ‘cure’ to terminate the Remainders.
Genre: Action/Thriller
Instagram: @sia.epi
Style: Ink

This story has mature themes and often talks about topics such as mental health so it may be triggering to some people but I have included trigger warnings and a skip option in my story for those scenes. It also has advanced directing.

**Link: **


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hey i just published my first 3ep story as well! maybe we can read each other’s stories and give feedback would u be interested?


I’d love to do a r4r w/ a review!

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I don’t read ink but congrats on the story! It’s not easy

yess sure! whats ur insta

yesss whats ur insta

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