Anyone Willing To Help Me Come Up With A Steady Posting Schedule For My Stories?

So, Is Anyone Willing? Here’s The Cover To My Main One:


So, like, when you post your episodes?


For lots of reads, I do recommend posting every other day. If you can’t afford that, maybe go for once a week. :grin:


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Well, most people publish weekly but I even struggle with that lol since I’m a procrastinator. :sweat_smile:


I recommend first finding your pace of writing. If you can write more than one episode in a week, or one episode a month, or even one every three days determining your pace is the first step.

Now, most schedule writers publish 3 episodes every month. Some do the first, some do the final day, some do the 20th. The benefit in publishing three episodes (or more) at once is your readers can binge read your story. But if you publish too infrequently, you will loose some readers.

I publish an episode weekly, Mondays. I do this because Friday / Thursday a new shelf comes up and most authors update on Friday / Saturday which shuffles the ranking around. I’m able to stay on top of the schedule because I am a fast typer, and can type 2 - 3 episodes a week. Another factor is I have at least 2 - 3 episodes ahead of the published episode ready to go in case of a family emergency or procrastination (or currently background approvals). I’ve only noticed a few problems with once a week, as my readers complain I’m not updating fast enough (bruh).

I also publish a few other stories weekly, Weds and Friday as it gives me one extra day to make sure everything is perfect before I publish.

EDIT : I’d also like to add, according to some polls most people prefer longer episodes, but less frequently published rather than short episodes frequently published.