Anyone Willing To Help With Cover Art?

Hi there, I’m in need of cover for my new story. I am completely useless at art and have no ideas on what apps to use, so I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me out! I would like someone to make an art edit for the cover, I already have an idea of the poses etc.

This what I made:

(If you make it, please can you do it without the title lol)

Character Details:
Skin tone - Olive
Hair - Beach Waves, Chestnut
Eyes - Upturned Bold, Green
Eyebrows - Seductive Arch
Nose - Elven
Lips - Classic, Orange Crush
Face Shape: Soft Heart

Female Outfit:
Yellow Breezy Top, Boyfriend Jeans, Yellow Pastel Platform Boots.

Skin tone - Tan
Hair - Short Cropped, Black
Eyes - Deepset Sloping, Green
Eyebrows - Thin Arch
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven, Terracotta
Face Shape: Defined Triangle

Male Outfit:
Henley Shirt (Slate Grey), Ripped Punk Pants, Basic Sneakers (Black), Lade Rose Tattoo (Cade), Black Leather Buckle Bracelet (Black, Optional).

Thank you so much!

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I could make it. So you want the poses in the picture, and you want it drawn? And do you want a small cover or a large cover, or both? x

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If you could do both, that would be great! But what do you mean by ‘drawn’?

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Well by drawn I mean…you know how the picture you made the characters were edited in? Well basically drawn is like this I guess:

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Oh right, I think having it not drawn is fine x

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