Anyone willing to make a cover for my episode

Hey, if someone could design a cover for me that would be amazing. It’s a new story and I’d give a shout-out. The girl has:
-an elven nose
-olive skin
-defined natural brows
-straight blond hair
-round classic eyes
-green eyes
-a soft heart face
-full round scarlet lips
I’d love her wearing something seductive
The title is Guilty Pleasures
Also it’s Ink
please just leave a comment or message me xxx

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what is her eye color

oh sorry - I’ll add it in but her eye colour is green xx

is there a certain type of art you want

no- I’d literally love anything xx

Can you choose your outfit I would really help

yeah of course, would you like me to send a picture

Yeah message me the details :smile:

okay cool xx