Anyone willing to make art scenes?


Heya I need some art scenes for my H&V contest story. Please reply down below if you are willing to make art scenes and I will give you the details for what I am particularly looking for. :smile:


I’m available! I am a theorist, but I can do some pretty okay art.


Cool! So do you have any examples of your art?


Not right now, I still have to set up my art computer and my laptop is crappy.


That’s okay, but I need them quite fast cause I need them before the deadline of the H&V contest.


So I am looking for some sort of portal edit, with sparks and magic thing. I will include a picture down below which you can use as a guide,


Can you make art scenes for my upcoming story?


Yeah, no prob.


Got it. It might take a bit, I’m still experimenting with my portals. Do you want it to show the other world through the portal?


Hmm It could just be a bright light, Like the one showed above.


Okay. I’m going to do it landscape, is that okay?


Yep, Anything is okay.


Got it.


Here’s a rough sketch of the portal.





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