Anyone willing to read the first episode of my unpublished story?

My name is Paige, and I just finished writing the first episode of my new story Betrothed!
I was hoping someone would be able to give me some feedback on it. I am willing to do a R4R.

Please reply if you want to read it and I will PM you the link.

When you are forced into an arranged marriage you decide to run away. You befriend a gang of outlaws only to discover that their leader is actually the man to which you were betrothed… who also ran away. Will you fall in love, or will someone get in the way?



i’ll do a read for read, and i’ll give you a short review if you’d like,
my story is called Hale Huna and this is the cover

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can you send me the link please

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Hi, I will read it for you if you want. I can even give you a full on review if you like, just send me the link or something and I can get started

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