Anyone with mental health struggles past or present that can help please..?

So I plan on writing a story about people whom are in an “insane asylum” due to mental health issues.
It is based on Esme whom get’s locked up in the asylum because she can see and talk to her mother even though her mother died…
I plan on having more characters stories (aka the friends she makes) have depth to…
But I have no clue on mental health…

If anyone knows of some or have had experiences with it please if you can share, but don’t worry if it makes you feel uncomfortable…
Anyone who judges or makes hate comments on here shall be reported immediately as this forum is a safe place.


Well, I do struggle with some disorders myself. I also want to become a psychologist, and I’ve done research into many mental health issues. PM me so we can talk further, I don’t want this to be triggering for anyone…:slight_smile:

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Hey , have we met before because I don’t remember you .
Can I know why you think I would help at this topic? :slight_smile:
Thank you

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no you didn’t disturb me hahah .
:slight_smile: thanks for explaining

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If you’re thinking about having a character with terrible comebacks of pasts or depression … Perhaps dreams of it ?? I’d be glad to help set a few things in your mind then :blush::blush::blush: just pm me!!

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