Anyone would like to make me a cover art?


anyone want to make a cover art for my story

what I have in mine is tricky I think :slight_smile:

a girl looking at us with brown eyes then theres a mirror next to her that has her reflection but has blue eyes instead


I don’t make covers but I would be happy to make you splashes, If you want one go check out my splash thread!:


that’s cool I can use it before my story opens


Yup. If you want one or some then just go there and request one or some. :slight_smile:


go where? it just showed me some pictures


Go there and scroll all the way down (There’s a lot of scrolling to do :sweat_smile:) And then go down and you will see the icon “reply” so click on it and the details you have to include are at the top of the thread so include the details and submit.


I can try if you’d like, are there any other details you could give about the girl? What colour hair/skin?


what you mean scroll. it showed only like four pictures


well she has black hair but later dyes it red. her skin light tan color


You gotta scroll all the way down, here I’ll include another link. You remember how you said pictures, well you gotta pass those pictures and keep on scrolling till you reach the bottom of the screen


that’s all it shows


Okay so I guess your new to here so I’ll guide you girl! Don’t worry so on the screen you see where it says “Awesome Splashes! (Open)”? Well you gotta click on it! And it will redirect you to a new page. And once you’re there you’re gonna see pictures and well you gotta scroll down and pass them. I have gotten so many orders! So there’s gonna be a lot of scrolling but keep scrolling till you reach this,

Then when you’re there click on the reply button and write out all of your story details and what splashes you want, and I will make them. :slight_smile:


o ok so I went and comment on there


black hair is what she looks like then dyed it red when she got into college


Okay, I’ll see what I can do


Here it is, hope you like it. I won’t be offended if you don’t use it though :slight_smile:


Amazing cover art!!


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll use it also during my story


Could someone make where its just eyes. one is brown and the other is blue