Anything about Islam religon and Muslim people?

Christian on the internet, any Muslims that can tell me about themselves or Islam religion? I am interested to know about Muslims. Not for homework, or anything important, and I’m all ears.

Sure! What did you want to know?

anything, any facts about Muslims are fine

Ok I’ll just give a summary -

In Islam, there are 5 “pillars” or main properties of Islam

  • The first is called the shahada (basically when someone believes and proclaims that “There is no god but God/Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God”
  • The second is prayer (Muslims are supposed to pray 5 times a day, these prayers last 3-7 mins each and can be performed at home or at the mosque at prescheduled times that are based on the sun)
  • The third is giving to charity or zakat in Arabic. Muslims are supposed to give a portion of their incomes, if they are able to, to charity or to anything/one that needs help. There isn’t any strict rules to this, just anything that has a just cause.
  • Fourth we have fasting. Every year during Ramadan Muslims are required to fast (no food OR water) from sunrise to sun down, providing that they are healthy and old enough to do so. Ramadan is the 9th month on the Arabic calendar and can be 30 or 31 days long depending on the moon. It’s a joke in the Muslim community that we’re the only ones that can fast for one month straight and still end up gaining weight because we break our fasts with fried food lol. It’s literally like Thanksgiving everyday. Essentially though, it’s supposed to be a holy month where we listen to lectures and go to the Mosque more. There are other things we must follow during this month but then this would go on forever so I’m just gonna end that here haha.
  • Last but not least, there is Hajj. Hajj is an Islamic pilgrimage that takes place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Muslims are required to perform Hajj at least once during their lifetimes as long as they are financially able to and healthy enough. It is said that if a Muslim goes to Hajj and comes back, their sins are erased.

So, that’s all of them. If you got anymore questions I can answer them for you because there is a lot more to all of them but I didn’t want to write a whole 10-page essay lol.

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I will explain it to you in a simple way , let’s say you was walking in a desert and you found a big beautiful house, you went inside and their was no one their . Now if you have a good mind and you are honest with your self you will say that this beautiful house has an owner and that everything inside the house belongs to the owner and that is the truth. Otherwise your mind can lie to you and tell you , look their is no one here and you found this and it belongs to you, you are the owner and everything is yours.

Same thing this universe is the house and everything belongs to the real owner of this universe and that is The Creator of this universe who created everything even us .

So Islam is about living this truth and not lie to yourself. We say their is no god except The Creator. Which means we recognize that their is one true owner and that is The Creator and that everything belongs to Him even us . Any other god besides The Creator is a man made thing that doesn’t exist and is a false god … same like our moms gave us birth and we listen and obey them for that special connection… we obey and surrender to The Creator of the universe because that is the truth, otherwise you will be living a lie .


I learned a lot abt religions, my parents gave me a freedom to choose my own faith, however I learned abt islam the most. I can’t explain a lot about it, it will be very long. And comments above me explain enough about it.
All I want to say, it’s religion about peace, respect diversity, respect people as equal, no matter who you are, will be back to God after death anyway.
And not all muslims wearing hijab, it’s a must, but back to them self, it’s their business with God and we’re not suppose to judge.

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