Anything Art Request Thread!

Here you can request a profile picture, background, splash, overlays, story covers, and anything else editing and online art related here’s the place to ask! I take any request either on this thread or that has private messaged me. I also take any character type (LL, INK, or Classic). Here’s what I need…

Examples of my Work

profile_picture INK_splash classic_cover

Profile Picture
  • Either the character information or a picture. I will also need the outfit information

  • You can choose a background, or I can choose one if you request I choose one I need a detailed description of what you want

  • This request should be done within day asked or the next day due to the number of requests

Here is my character:

I want my background to be mature and have male vibes, and nothing too flashy. Absolutely no pink. Maybe a bit mystical.

I would come up with something like this:

  • I will need detailed information about the type of background (club, school, forest, etc.).

  • I also need to know if it will be interior, exterior, day, or night.

  • If you want specific characters in that background you will need to give me character details and outfit details

  • I also need to know if it’s 1,2, or 3 zones.

I would like a club background and in the front, I’d like space for characters of my own. I want a random character on the side looking annoyed. It should be a dance floor and in the background a small band of a singer, drummer, and guitarist. It should be the interior and 2 zones.

I would come up with something like this:

  • I need information on the type of background if chosen by me. If you’re choosing the background, background information isn’t necessary.

  • Any character information if you need it.

  • Most importantly what should be written.

I would like the background to be the episode loading screen and I’d like three characters all limelight and randomized. What should be written is ‘Get ready for an amazing story’.

I would come up with something like this:

  • I would need a picture of the thing you’d like to be an overlay.

  • I’d prefer if you have a picture but if you don’t I need a detailed description of what I need to find.

I would like the gray iMessage text bubble.

I would come up with something like this:

Story Covers
  • I need to know if there’s a due date

  • A quick summary of the story and the characters that will be on the cover.

  • I need the authors’ name and title of the story.

  • If the cover will be a large, small, or both. I need character details and outfit details or a FULL BODY picture of each character.

  • List item I need a picture of the background or background information if I need to choose one.

  • If you need both a large and small cover I need to know if they’ll be different or not.

Other Requests
  • Any information you think is necessary for me to understand and do your request.

In order to use anything I’ve made it MUST BE CREDITED! For background, covers, and splashes my episode username will be on it. If it’s an overlay, splash, or other requests (if that other request is used in an episode) every time you use it you MUST readerMessage me with my Instagram. For Profile pictures, you must credit me in the bio with my Instagram. My Instagram is @socialbutterfly.episode. The only reason I will take my Instagram off a background, cover, or splash is if it get’s declined. If it get’s declined you must show a picture of the declined message and that is the only time I will erase my username.

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hey!I wonder if you could make text overlay for an episode story and also if you are interested I have a contest going on in my first post, it would be a pleasure if you would like or if you are interested to enter :grinning:

I’m able to give you a phone with a keyboard (background), blue bubble text, and grey bubble text overlays. If you want/need anything feel free to ask again!

Grey and blue bubble overlay


Phone Background

If you want something in the gray circle and/or a name underneath just ask!:wink:

Don’t forget to credit me at @SocialButterfly

could you give me an example?

Example of what?

of the png text phone keybord you told me? if its easy?

Here you go,

Bubble Overlays:

Text Background:

Don’t forget to credit me @SocialButterfly

Here’s the blue one again it wasn’t working correctly:

okay.thath’s good if I need it I’ll tell you! also don’t forget to check my contest if ur interested. thanks for everything!:grinning:

No problem, and I’ll check it out :wink:

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Of course hand me the deets and I’ll get started!


Hi, I’m super random, but I think they mean like abs? A six pack? Unless that’s not what you’re confused on. :upside_down_face:

Sorry I was just looking through random request threads. :joy:

Hello! I was wondering if I could request an art scene? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry it’s closed right now