Anything Paranormal happen to you?


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:woman_facepalming::woozy_face: well stop it :eye::persevere:

Yeah I’ll try to stop

YES BRO if you scroll up and read @giulianna_creates experience


Last night and i had to put in headphones :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

F*ck something is wrong with my Instagram I can’t talk to some people but I have a solution


That’s crazy!

Wish one could tell all the noises and voices to stop freaking us out :frowning_face: Better keep that melee weapon close at hand if it turns out to be something other than our minds messing with us


Hell yea :disappointed::ghost:

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I was scared for weeks after that I didn’t even look at my shadow.

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omg you should play with her again :smirk:

She probably misses youu :pensive:

NO MAAM. She’s not our friend. :sob:

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I’M SO SORRY… :joy: :rofl:

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lmao all i was thinking about was a man jumping out my closet and slitting my throat-

But it’s all good though! I like getting scared bby :kiss:

“I GOT YOU, I GOT YOU, I GOT YOU” haunted me for a whole year, and freakin hell, it’s gonna haunt me next month on Halloween night…

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oh goshh bro so you guys really heard a man in your closet :weary: :weary:

Yeah… But luckily it was actually just a paranormal thing… When I opened my closet door the next day nothing was in there aside from my personal belongings.

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This was a few days ago and I just can’t forget about it.

It was midnight, about 12:45 am, I believe. I was awake, because I couldn’t sleep. My mother was sleeping (in her own room).
Our floor is VERY creaky, so as I laid in my bed trying to sleep, I heard the floor creaking in the hall way. I noticed that it was less noisy than when a normal person walks there, but I clearly heard walking. I heard it like it was going either to the kitchen or the toilet, so I kept on listening if it was maybe my mom. I’ve waited for 20 minutes, but I didn’t hear anything further. To make it more scary, I heard my mom in her room in her bed, so I don’t think it was her. I’m still so confused and asked my mom if it was her, but she couldn’t remember if she got out of bed at that time.

That is my “best” story, I think :sweat_smile:


me stalking the thread like :eye: :lips: :eye:

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