Anyway wanna do Read for Read?


Oh my god, thank you so much!!! i means alot to me. :heart:


On it x


of course im interested, whats the link?


of course, i’ll read it now. :wink:


Hope you’ll enjoy my story too! :hugs:


i will❤️ it’s amazing keep up the good work.


Great, I added your story to my reading list :sparkling_heart:


ill go read yours now. :slight_smile:


I’ve just read the first episode of your story, and it’s so good! i love the plot so far, and i love your sense of humour. your directing is also really good. :slight_smile: keep up the good work. i’ll definitely be reading it again.


Thank you so much. I am really glad you liked my story… :sparkling_heart:


Of course <3 x


I also read your first episode :slight_smile:
I like the idea of your plot. It’s something else to read and not the typical nerdy meets bad boy story (which I also love though :stuck_out_tongue:) It’s really interesting :slight_smile:
WTF the guys at asylum are all crazy like hell :smiley: Jumping on table - poor Aaron - that might hurts a lot :smiley:
BTW I love that Kasey likes to call while having a shower…wtf? :smiley:

Boxing lessons ftw :grin:


Hhaha she was in a bath :joy:
Thank you so much! <3 i love yours also. <3


My strory is: Scars by inxmyxeyes
Yours? I will start reading as soon as i can!


Crazy needs by Prim, right?
I just found the link. I will start reading soon! But I have to say a description and even, a title makes me feel to check the story!


yeah thats mine! and thank you so much :slight_smile:
i’m away to read yours now.


Alone Till There Was You


Of course :slight_smile: ill read it now.


Sorry forgot to put the link.
I’ll start soon. :blush:


I’ve just read your story and so far its really good! theres no issues with directing, spelling, etc. the only thing is, when it said she was homeless, it never said why, this would help the readers connect to the main character and know more about her. But i love the plot, and i’ll definitely read it again. :slight_smile: