AP Students Unite

AP testing season started.
Anyone taking an AP course? Have you guys already tested?

(for those of you that donโ€™t know, AP or Advanced Placement classes offered to high school students, sponsored by the company CollegeBoard. They have end of the year exams in May. Completion of the exams gets you college credit.)

Iโ€™m taking AP Human Geography and my exam is tomorrow. Which means I have to go hit the books.

Did you guys hear about the AP Psychology cheating scandal?


Spill the tea what was the scandal?

Iโ€™m taking AP Government and Politics, I actually have my test on Thursday.

all the East coast kids sent answers to the West coast ones.

that lowkey happens every year, but this year they made two AP Psych exams versions. tons of people got caught & there scores were iNVaLiDaTEd.


That sucks

RIP to those students :frowning:

I hate apush so much. :woman_facepalming: The only thing that gets me through it is the memes.


if i remember correctly i took AP Euro (European History) in sophomore year and guess what i didnโ€™t study and I failed :joy: and then i believe in junior year i took regular us history but they wanted me in APUSH and i was like fuck that shit im not taking another AP classโ€ฆnot because it was hard or anything its just im to lazy especially when it comes to the essays dont get me wrong i love the challenge i love writing but my problem is i get lazy i get distracted i lose motivation and once i lose that its downhill from there and i lose interest and dont bother with it anymore and thats what ahppen in AP Euro

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! My exam is also tomorrow (AP Calculus AB) and I know nothing lol. Wish me good luck rip.

I took AP exams in high school and they transferred over to college. Saved me a whole semester :+1:t6:

I took AP Computer Science Principles this year, and my exam was on the 10th. It actually went pretty good! I was expecting to not know any of the answers, lol.

Iโ€™m going to take AP Computer Science A next year as well as AP U.S. History. I was thinking of taking AP Biology too (Iโ€™d signed up for AP Environmental Science but my school dropped it because not enough students signed up), but Iโ€™m not sure if I could handle all that work, lol. Iโ€™m a huge procrastinator.

Good luck on all of your exams! :smiley: :+1:

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