Apartment backgrounds? credit will be given

Does anyone have the night background for this same bedroom?

If so please please please send it through. I will be giving credits ofc! And does anyone have any apartment building (living rooms, kitchens etc) nigh & day backgrounds can you also please link it down. I would really appreciate the help!! thank you thank you thank you <33

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If you don’t find anything. You can use the dim effect on episode!

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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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If you still need the night versions, I made two you can choose which one you’d prefer!

omg thank you I didn’t even know that there’s a dim effect !! tysm

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thank youuuuu, ill let you know when Ive uploaded my story!!

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Yw! :blob_hearts:

I have some apartment rooms in my drive. You can see examples and info on how to gain access, via my thread on here, or heading to my Instagram @ cheyara_writes58