Apartment Hunting Background + Night time version

Hey Guys, so I found this background on a hidden background Instagram but it doesn’t work when I try to add it to my story, does anyone have it?


can anyone make a nighttime version for me? I will credit!

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Will this work?

Unfortunately, you can no longer use hidden backgrounds. They will be rejected/removed.
See the tread below:

Which overlays are they talking about?

What about hidden assets?
Hidden assets that have not been released should not be used in your stories. While they may sometimes be inadvertently approved, they are restricted for a reason. If we find them in your story, they can be removed for breaking our content guidelines around copyrighted materials.

Backgrounds and overlays from IP or branded stories like PLL, Demi, Mean Girls, etc. are not made public because of the terms of the agreements we made to produce those stories.

There are some IG account that have links to their Google Drive with hidden backgrounds, overlays from hidden backgrounds or edited background with something from a hidden background. These hidden backgrounds have not been made public and are not allowed to be used.

Alright, because i asked them about an overlay and they said it was okay for me to use it

As long as it’s not an overlay from a hidden background it’s all good!

Most background editors have made a post on their IG to let everyone know what backgrounds and overlays (that they made/edited) they should remove/replace. So if you’re not sure if you can or can’t use a background or overlay, check the creator’s IG. :blush: