Apocalypse backgrounds

I need some apocalypse backgrounds, like zombie apocalypse, ruins etc. I need handful of them. I will give everyone their credit :smiley:


I’ve got so many, I write wayyy too many post apocalyptic stories. What kind do you need?


Wow I was just writing an apocalypse story the other day yet stopped. All of these backgrounds were approved for me:

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Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be using them and give you credit :smiley:

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Anything you have :smiley:

Alright, here you go! They’ve all been approved by episode already, so they should all work. Let me know if you need any more.




Thank you :grin:

Good job april

bump because turns out I need more :thinking:

I love your guys’ pictures. Can I use them? I will for sure give credit.

I use them with credit, so I don’t see why not :smiley:

Thanks :grin: But there seems to be a problem with the size. I’ve been having trouble uploading due to the size. Would there be anyway I could change that?