Apocalypse poll? It’s for a story

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Basically I may or may not be making an apocalypse story, but I’m having trouble thinking of a cause for the apocalypse. And I don’t want to do a zombie apocalypse. (Not saying their bad, just not my preference) if anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it!
Which of these apocalypse ideas sounds best?

  1. Alien takeover. Pretty self explanatory.
  2. World war 3 has taken over the globe and bombs are dropped all over America, the remaining people have to get to a secure military base in somewhere.
  3. Some charming mad scientist released these mind chips that are supposedly supposed to make your life easier (it’s like Amazon Alexa except it’s a brain chip) and the scientist pushes a button and now everyone is mind controlled and are like attacking people.
  4. Another mad scientist has made genetically altered creatures that go loose and kill people. (Jurassic park lmao)
  5. A virus pops up that makes people go crazy. And it spreads wide scale.
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Sorry if I didn’t elaborate enough on some of these.

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I like the WW 3 idea. I feel like that would be an amazing story.

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I like the idea of a virus taking over and making people crazy.

What if the virus doesn’t change your outward appearance?
What if it doesn’t take effect immediately?
What if there isn’t a cure, only prevention?

If you want to know a secret, I’m making an action story in the future with an appocalypse theme, only it’s about how Humanshifters and other dangerous races came to be after the supposed chem-trail planes exposed humans to a mutating … thing. I have to think it out more.


Thank you I thought so two😊

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Ooo that sounds so good I would totally read that!

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I chose two because it’s similar to the most recent season of American Horror Story

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I like ww3 bc its more of an og idea!:bulb:

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