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The world as we knew it is gone. Memories of lives before the Blaze fade in our minds, nothing but a white flash and a deserted wasteland of danger and dust. It’s been over a year, and still no sign of improvement. Only rumours and stories of a far off place, a sanctuary and cure. Is it true? That’s up to you.

In this RP, the world is in a total apocalypse. Not just any kind, but a strange mashup of all forms, from nuclear fallout to the rapture. The only thing is, nobody knows why. Remains of the world still litter the landscape. Abandoned buildings, broken cities, cracked memories turning to withered rubble on dusty planes. They call it ‘The Blaze’ from the flash of white light that everyone knows as their oldest memory. Beyond the Blaze, there is nothing. It’s been a few months over a year. Old skills, instincts, personalities, names. the only things that have ever resurfaced. Most people have moved on, chosen new names, even new families. Others still dwell on their lost pasts, clinging to vague ideas of who they could have been.

In the distance, mutterings of a cure to the amnesia, of a sanctuary and new place to call home, whisper on the ash covered winds. Groups begin to collect, strangers and friends, all with the goal of finding some kind of answer. Your characters have - for some reason - found themselves in the old settlement of Oldwaste Town. Here, someone has called for any interested members to join the next group.
The trek will be dangerous.
From earthquakes to radiation, mutations to demons and angels, your characters will go in search of the new world and cure. How will they cope? Well, that’s up to you.

Please try to keep the gender/diversity neutral. I will feature NPCs and some elements of SG writing, but overall this will be an adventuring RP. Feel free to have as many characters as you like. In an attempt to keep the official thread neat, please leave comments, thoughts and general chat on this thread.

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The sun rises on the horizon, and dust blows across the wastes. The people of Oldwaste Town have begun their usual morning routines, and be you a traveller, outsider, or local to the town, you still find yourself here at the start of the hot summer day. News of a new group gathering in the center of town, under the tent where the food rations are stored, have brought you together. Here, you will meet your group. Whether you decide to join, or go it alone, is entirely up to you. As for who leads it, nobody yet knows. Only suspicions that she isn’t who she appears. But you’ll just have to decide that for yourself.
Now starts your journey. Here, in the Apocalypse.



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I wake up in a tent…I was so tired from last night that I can barely remember what happened…so many things happened…But I guess It’s irrelevant now. There’s some others here, and I think I could use a squad for once in my life… So I get up, put my jacket on, and get ready to talk to anyone.

ORP- Approachable


John Coolidge (His shop)
John wakes up early and folds up his bed.
Then he washes his face and changes into his other set of clothes.
Laundry Day today, I suppose.
‘Laundry Day’ usually meant hanging everything out in the sun, but today he might just wash the clothes in real soap and water.
It had been long enough.
With his bed out of the way, he arranges his wares and opens his door.
Then he sits outside the shop and starts eating some of last night’s leftover rice.
ORP: Approachable


:sparkle: Kalia Black || Oldwaste Town Rations Tent
I pull my coat further around me, lifting the scarf across my mouth as the dust blows my hair. Standing, leaning against one of the posts, I silently watch all the people begin their morning routines. I didn’t plan on actually joining this group. The terms of going were still too much risk, but like always I found myself curious. I guess I liked the idea of exploring. Of finding out what happened before the Blaze. But a part of me knew that wouldn’t happen. Nobody knew, and nobody had found out for the year that this was happening. I watch as someone collects their rations. Cans and potatoes and whatever else could be grown. I feel my stomach rumble quietly. Maybe some food wouldn’t be a bad idea, but my money was at home. Even then, people didn’t ask for money. You had rations, then you traded. Whatever you had to trade. I didn’t have anything. Last time I’d traded it was for help packing up a person’s shop, and then I’d only gotten a mug of coco and a bag of strange tasting wotsits. I look around, wondering who would appear.

:heavy_multiplication_x: Kaina Black || A Trailer in Oldwaste Town
I eyed the map, glancing at my plan again and again over the top of my glasses. I was sure I had it this time. It had to be right, I’d traded way to many secrets and treasures for it to not be right. The secret lab that everyone talks about. It has to be here… I switch the static on the radio, trying to find the distant station I’d picked up on. But, like magic, it isn’t there. I growl, grabbing the stupid thing and throwing it. It clatters against the wall of the trailer, and I hear my only remaining guard outside muttering worriedly. I still had to ditch him. he was bringing too much attention, if anyone recognised him… I pack up the map and everything else. I already had a cart load of provisions packed. I still needed to attach the stubborn mule, but I could do that once I had my team. I run a hand through my hair, stepping out the back of the caravan so my guard doesn’t notice me leaving. Making my way to the Ration tent, I look about, seeing who was planning to show up. I wondered how surprised they would be when the found out who was leading this trip.

:atom_symbol: Mitchell Ray || Oldwaste Town Bell Tower
I keep my distance from the tent. I didn’t want to be seen with those people, not yet, not until I knew who I was dealing with. I see two people approaching, and I analyse them as best I can. There’s a girl already waiting, but she’s always there. Always curious, but never goes. Kind of like me, only I’ve just got here. I shuffle on my feet, my long heavy coat still wrapped around me. I’d take it off when the sun came up, just like everyone else, but for now, I wanted to stay hidden. I sigh. Just another day.

:maple_leaf: Daniel West || Oldwaste Town Farms
I crack the axe down on the wood. It’s early, too early for me, but the work needed to be done. As I glance up, I notice a couple people stirring. The group was coming together, then. A mild curiosity tugged at me, but I sighed, wiping my brow and swinging down on the next block of wood.
Farmer Joe frowns at me from his chair, and looks to one of the people going to the group. “You should go, you know. At least hear what they have to say.”
I glance back at him, and then to the tent. “I don’t think they’d need someone like me.”
Farmer Joe shrugs. “Maybe they do, out there in the wastes.” He filled his pipe and puffed on it. “I’ll be dead soon. No good with you around if I’m gone. Nobody to pay you.”
“I don’t do this for money.”
“Oh? So what are you doin’ this for?”
I paused, and sighed. “You’re not dead yet my old friend. Until then, I’ll just stick to helping you.”



:crossed_swords: Sato Katana

I tied my hair into a low ponytail and headed to the garden I built myself. The useful plants have grown healthy than I would have expected. I mean, the sun directly hits the town, which made it more hot. I reached for the water that I got yesterday and watered some for the plants.

ORP: Approachable


Lilah Reed || Tent
I rub my eyes as sunlight shines through my tent and into my eyes. I stand up and grab the thin cloth that was made from old clothes that i discovered on my journey. They were often spotted in empty towns. I roll my ‘bed sheet’ into a ball and stuff it into my backpack for safe keeping then even out the ground that i laid on throughout the night. The ground wasn’t that uncomfortable. As long as i loosened the soil every night before i slept. And, once i got used to the feel of dirt underneath me at night, all was well. I run my hands through my hair, untangling the knots then brush the dirt from my shirt and pants and step outside. People were already beginning to arise for the day. I walk the short distance to the outskirts of the tiny town and find a shady tree and sit down and lean against it.



I look down to see someone sitting under a tree. They’re already packed…Either they don’t have much to begin with or they’re looking to join this group they’re starting.

“You tryna join them?” I say this so I can seem casual and not threatening.



I stand up at the sound of someone’s voice. Then see a girl. “I am already with them. Been there for a month.” I say. “Are you with them? or just traveling?”



“I’m gonna try to join today, I think I could help out.”

I stick my hands in my jacket pocket and reach for my Earbuds to charge them.

“I’m Kelophis.” I look out into the distance, wondering about the kind of things they may have seen.



“Lilah” I say. i follow her gaze then turn back to the tree. i pull a few pieces of bark off it and watch as it tumbles to the ground.



“Are you going back out there?”



I look back into the distance, away from the town “Yes. Not now. but i don’t plan on staying”



“…Any advice? Things to do? Avoid while I’m out there?”



I blink a few times out of surprise. “Number 1, People can be liars and thieves. They can betray you in a blink of an eye. Don’t trust people. Number 2. improvise-in anything and everything. Be creative. Number 3. Don’t limit yourself. If you don’t think you can do it, then do it.” I look at her, “How old are you?”


He walked around Oldwastetown. His back hurt like a b—. And the weather was terrible. He grumbled to himself silently as he wandered around slowly, one of his hands subconsciously flexing itself and his balance shifted as if he were leaning on a cane though he had none in hand at the moment. His other hand clenched and unclenched itself, moving around as if it had the need to be working, fixing, building, doing somehow. He cast occasional bitter glances at some of the younger people around as he walked.

She skipped around, seemingly at random, singing loudly, making up the words as she went. “I like people. And I like food. I like flowers. But I don’t like dudes! Boys are stinky! And they suck. Boys can go and eat the muck!” She enthusiastically kicked up a bit of earth at the last line and continued singing this, over and over, grinning and waving at other people around as she did.

He sat alone on the ground of Oldwastetown and mumbling to himself as he drew on the ground with a stick. There was nothing of particular importance or purpose he was doing, but he certainly wanted to make it look like he was doing something very important and grown-up that could not be interrupted. From an outsider’s view, it would have been rather comical, this tween boy with his face furrowed in concentration like an old man’s over virtually nothing. He glanced up from time to time, frowning at some people, especially the younger ones, but didn’t speak to any of them.

ORP: all three are approachable



I have to think on this one.

“…I’m pretty sure I’m 16, last time I checked.”



She exits out her tent and looks around for a brief moment. She then looks around at the wasteland and sighs.
ORP: Approchable


She has awoken before the sun. After leaving her bed, she had checked in on the children, making sure they were sleeping well. Now she was working in the town’s garden, which she tends to every day. The best times to do so are either early morning or in the evening, when the sun is not at it strongest. Having helped to put the garden together, she knows it like the back of her hand, every plant they’ve planted. Starting to water some of the plants, she looks over to the group gathering in the centre.
I wish I was strong enough to join them. To help fight for our survival, and find the cure. Though I know I’m needed here. Not only to grow the camp’s food, but also for the children. Who would look after them if I were not here?
ORP: Approachable


:crossed_swords: Sato Katana

After caring for the plants of mine, I headed to the other garden. “The garden of yours is beautifully cared, eh?” I said with my japanese accent.

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