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The world as we knew it is gone. Memories of lives before the Blaze fade in our minds, nothing but a white flash and a deserted wasteland of danger and dust. It’s been over a year, and still no sign of improvement. Only rumours and stories of a far off place, a sanctuary and cure. Is it true? That’s up to you.

In this RP, the world is in a total apocalypse. Not just any kind, but a strange mashup of all forms, from nuclear fallout to the rapture. The only thing is, nobody knows why. Remains of the world still litter the landscape. Abandoned buildings, broken cities, cracked memories turning to withered rubble on dusty planes. They call it ‘The Blaze’ from the flash of white light that everyone knows as their oldest memory. Beyond the Blaze, there is nothing. It’s been a few months over a year. Old skills, instincts, personalities, names. the only things that have ever resurfaced. Most people have moved on, chosen new names, even new families. Others still dwell on their lost pasts, clinging to vague ideas of who they could have been.

In the distance, mutterings of a cure to the amnesia, of a sanctuary and new place to call home, whisper on the ash covered winds. Groups begin to collect, strangers and friends, all with the goal of finding some kind of answer. Your characters have - for some reason - found themselves in the old settlement of Oldwaste Town. Here, someone has called for any interested members to join the next group.
The trek will be dangerous.
From earthquakes to radiation, mutations to demons and angels, your characters will go in search of the new world and cure. How will they cope? Well, that’s up to you.

Please try to keep the gender/diversity neutral. I will feature NPCs and some elements of SG writing, but overall this will be an adventuring RP. Feel free to have as many characters as you like. In an attempt to keep the official thread neat, please leave comments, thoughts and general chat on this thread.

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@QueenChid @Kittenlove @Lady-Mehek @Ella @Luxinos @Mashia
All showed an interest. Look forward to starting this (hopefully soon!) with all you!

Edit: yeah, haven’t quite finished my own characters, but meh. I had to make tea, lol.


I’ll reserve for one female character and one male character ^.^


ohhhhhhhhh… I’ma reserve for a girl and a guy. Please and thank you!


I’ll reserve for guy and a girl.


Reserve for a guy and girl! :slight_smile:


I love this so much- reserve me for one guy, one girl.


Reserve for a guy and girl!


This looks fun. I shall reserve for a male.


Guess I should actually reserve. Girl and guy.


OOOoooO this sounds really cool! I’ll reserve one guy and girl for now, but I might have to join in a bit later if school continues as it is now! It’s so hectic!! D:


OOOOOH reserve for one male and one female bls


Yayyyy you’re joining!!


raises hand is there an age minimum or maximum? because I lowkey really want to make a really old person and a child. and possibly maybe probably not but still maybe have them be related and not remember each other.


Tis entirely up to you, there is no limit.
If you want an old person and a child, that is perfectly fine with me! ^~^


squeals in excitement and runs off like a child on Christmas with a new toy


walks in

LTea, I place a curse upon you. Also you @Luxinos. And you @Vanille. Because of this amazing RP and the inspirationalness of those two I’m reserving a third for sure (nonbinary) and maybe a fourth (gender unknown as of now)

walks out
pokes head back in
Curse you again. All of you.
walks back out

EDIT: I decided to go with the fourth for sure, he’ll be a boy if you need that for gender ratio info. Curses and blessings upon thee LTea.


Well… that’s a first. XD


Can I reserve 1 female and 1 male character??


Third time’s charm :wink: