APP: Add more sections to each genre based on reads


Most writers are looking for ways to promote their stories and get their story out there for people to read. Currently Episode doesn’t do much to help these smaller writers besides contests and shelves. While that can help a bit I thought of a way that could help newer and underrated writers in a bigger way.

Currently each genre looks like this.

Honestly it’s pretty bare and consists of only top stories. Which is usually full of the same stories every week and you would need to scroll for miles to find your own story or to find newer/underrated stories.

My suggestion:

Add new sections underneath the top community section. Sections based on reads, rotating the stories around frequently so that readers can easily find new stories to dive into and for writers to gain some more reads as well. Some number suggestions I have.

Under 1k reads stories
Under 10k reads stories
Under 50k reads stories
Under 100k reads stories

These give a wide variety of stories to readers and helps bring some recognition to writers who usually don’t see their stories in the top community section.

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Discussion: Unfair Treatment
Y'all saying you hate cliche stories and want new stories but yet no one supports small authors

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This is an awesome idea! There are lots of amazing stories that just can’t get much reads but have so good plot that reader engagement is high up cough cough myself. So maybe there could be also reader engagement category?