APP: Adding a new story section under genre

Technically it’s not a genre but it would be nice to have a section that has a long list of new stories . When I’m caught up on the current stories I’m reading I like to find new ones while I wait for updates but I feel like the process could be easier. I know there is a small list of 3-5 under the “stories we love” section. But I think it would be helpful to new writers if there was a tab of new stories released that week so they could get more views.(and readers have a larger selection to choose from)

Or if under each genre there was a list of 4-5 daily so that readers could see new releases under the genre they like to read.


That actually sounds like a good idea. Even adding a filter in that section where you can look at recently updated or recently published. That would be really cool and it’s super beneficial for new authors. Support!


I agreed!!!

Excellent idea!!

100% support.


And you formatted the title wrong, more on this Topic here.

Yeah, the new stories section is short and all lumped together by genre.

Support! :grin:

We’ve already got a request for a “New Story” section: APP: "New Stories" Section (More reads for unpopular authors) :smiley: Be sure to like and comment to show your support for this request. :wink: