APP: All stories by episode have LGBTQ+ options



I don’t know if this is the correct place for this post. :sweat_smile: On the app I’ve noticed many stories done by Episode and not the community. (where the authors name is it’ll have Episode|Romance instead of Community|Romance ) very few offer LGBTQ+ love interests. I know some do but most don’t. And on Pitch perfect you had no choice other than to be straight or bi. I don’t want to be that person but I’m going to have to be. I think the LGBTQ+ community would be very thankful if all episode stories (not community stories) had at least one LGBTQ+ love interest. I won’t read a story unless it has a female love interest because I’m not interested in men and I feel like I’m missing out. (I know that’s my fault but would a heterosexual person read a homosexual story?) And something I’ve noticed on social media is that many LGBTQ+ stories make the character bi only. It’s easier to edit but its not overly hard to have a sexuality question because bi and homosexuality are two different things.

I don’t mean this as a rant. Words don’t always go across as they are intended. It’s just something that’s been bugging me and many other people for some time.

EDIT: I tried on a new story to make a BI option and with 2 male and 2 female LI’s it’d be so insanely hard to do but it would be doable. Especialy if the story had one male and one female LI. The more you add the harder it is.


I heard months ago by a featured writer that episode is currently working on easier methods to include gender choices for MC and LI. It easily exceeds the amount available for community authors but as for featured writers, they have access to everything. So I agree, they have no excuse.


I write stories. My first was female LI only so I decided my next would have both. It’s so much easier than I expected. I just feel like any story done by Episode should be all in elusive. I know the mc gender choice is really challenging but surly lis should be for everyone.


i get why you might write this but there are still some people with religious beliefs who are not exactly for this and we need to respect that. but if they aren’t doing it cause they’re lazy i think thats not really an excuse.


I don’t know why they don’t do it. All of the other apps that have a similar idea, i.e apps that tell a story, they pretty much all have LGBTQ+ options in every story.
Regardless of the religious beliefs they should provide LGBTQ+ love interests in all stories. I have nothing agains them and I respect their beliefs but they still can’t treat differently or exlude a race, gender, sexuality, etc because its discriminative.
This post is just to raise awareness of this because me and several of the people I know who use episode and are LGBTQ+ aren’t happy about this. I shouldn’t have to read a male LI that I find uncomfortable just to read the story. If a heterosexual (straight) person had only homosexual LI’s they wouldn’t read the story, so I’m well within my rights to make a post bringing this to light.


I think the original post is only referring to Episode official stories, not community stories (hence the “by Episode”, rather than “on Episode”). The app’s actual creators have voiced support for the LGBTQ+ community and have run Episode as a secular company from the beginning, so even if there were legitimate religious reasons to discriminate, they wouldn’t be relevant in this case.


I support this idea. While I don’t normally read official stories anyway due to the low quality of the writing, it would set a good precedent for other writers who are debating whether to include diversity and let LGBTQ+ people know that they’re welcome in the Episode community. I’d also add that the LGBTQ+ love interests should play as big of a role in the story as the cisgender heterosexual love interests, rather than just being an afterthought like they are in most of the featured stories where they do exist.


oh that makes so much more sense. sorry :sweat_smile: