App and Portal Previewer Not Matching

So after the most recent update for the app, I’ve noticed that when I preview my story in the app, some overlay animations don’t act out as they do in the Portal, and also that some of the directing is off.

Here are the two most obvious differences:

(Sorry for the terrible example pic from my computer :sweat_smile:)

So in this one, the overlay is off more to the right than it is on the Portal previewer.

Then in these two:

The zoom on the character is way off compared to the preview on the computer?

This has never been an issue until the recent update for the app 3 days ago, version 10.30.

Is anyone else having, or have noticed this issue?

Yes… It happens often.
It’s annoying.

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It is! Cause everything was perfect, then I checked it on the app. And welp, lol.

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Feel free to vent out frustration here: Dont You Hate It When It Happens :sob:


Ok, this is STILL an issue for me.

The app is the most trusted version because that’s how your story will actually look to your readers. The web previewer may look different from the app at times because it may not be the same size as your phone.

Thank you, that’s what I needed to know.

You’re the best, as always :relaxed:

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Oh! Surprisingly, I get that too! In the portal the overlays are workin’ just fine, and when I preview it from my phone (or tablet) the overlays are completely off, though there’s nothing wrong with my script. I dunno. I think it’s a bug. Reporting it to Episode or submiting a ticket always helps.

I feel like I’m having all these issues and MORE! Characters showing up in the computer preview and missing on the mobile version, spot positioning perfect on the computer preview and wayyyyy off on the mobile version and my computer preview is lagging so much.

I’m frustrated to the point of deleting and walking away. :sob:

Omg!!! This happened to me too, I filled out a ticket, no response yet. So irritating. :roll_eyes:

wow I actually never noticed this - but it doesnt mean it didnt happen maybe IO am just not so observant…

Glad this was bumped. I actually noticed about a month ago, that the portal and the app is matching now. The only thing I need to adjust is layering and zooms (zooms are sometimes slightly off) Of it could just my portal lol.