App and script crashing?

Is anyone else had the app and script down all day today? My script keeps crashing and the app won’t even open! Maybe due to the latest software update?!

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Hmm… I haven’t had this problem. :thinking:

Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App. @LannieLloyd I would recommend that you submit a help ticket to the support team and let them know about your issue. :smiley:

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Hey all, I found out it was because my phone automatically updated to a public beta software! Thank you @Sydney_H will remember to post correctly in future :slight_smile::+1:t3:

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Hi @Sydney_H :wave:t3:

My account has been permanently suspended due to a jailbreak hack I didn’t realise I had on the app. I was wondering if there is a way to rectify this and reactivate my account so I don’t lose the progress on stories I’ve read over the years I’ve had the app. And my own stories I have written also. I’ve tried emailing episode and submitting a ticket but haven’t heard back yet.

Any advice greatly appreciated

You will need to wait for the team to reply to your ticket. Please make sure that you only submit one, since submitting multiple tickets will push them to the bottom of the queue and lengthen the wait time for a reply. :slight_smile:

Ah thank you for that. I’m sorry I didn’t realise I think I’ve done two :joy: but I will be patient and hopefully they’ll get back to me!

Many thanks @Sydney_H

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