APP: Back to the Old Pink Color of Buttons and Progress Bar


Is it only me who doesn’t like the new orange color in the app?
Please change it back to the old one!
Like if you support!




I definitely prefer the old one too! :smile:


Yeah, I agree! The old one looks a lot better!


I agree, too. It’s such a strange colour that they changed it too.


It’s growing on me, but I prefer the pink. I wonder why they changed it.


I like the old one better, but I can probably get used to the new one. The old one does look much better, though.


Orange is literally the worst colour of the rainbow


I like both, in my opinion.


yeah, i kept thinking my phone display was broken & kept displaying the pink shade wrong.

the orange just seems so random. and i feel like pink is just a more popular color.

they both look nice, i just prefer pink.


i prefer the pink, 100%.
i don’t know, but it feels more original to me, and i feel that orange doesn’t suite well.


Oh, I thought it matched your cover / genre 0_0

Yeah, I guess I like the pink (but low key it would be cool if we could pick the color)


mine was green the other day.


I didn’t notice until your thread. Now I’m going to be thinking about this for a while :sob:


I wish I wouldn’t have noticed :joy:


I agree


Yup. Pink looks way better!


Support. In my opinion, I like orange and pink, but pink makes it better.


Bump! :grin:




I think it would be awesome if the author could choose the color for what goes best with their theme and covers. ):