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I think I mentioned something like this in another thread, but I’ve never seen a specific thread about this. If there’s a thread on this, I’ll make sure to close this one.

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Alright, let’s be honest here: the search system in the Episode app is horrible. I search for a random story, using a specific word, and all of a sudden, I find the story, but the rest of the search results are all over the place. I put in the word “dead” and I get words like “dear” and “daddy” (for whatever reason). The search system in Episode needs a little cleanup.

First things first, there should be some buttons that give us specific thing we could be looking for, like:

(Yes, the first menu of the searching system could have these 2 buttons)

After that, you pick one of the buttons and they all take you to a little sub menu.

Pick the author button and you can search for the author/user, or Episode can help you search for an author/user based on the symbol or letter of their Episode name. Say that the author’s name starts with an asterisk (this symbol *). You would type in the asterisk and Episode would give you all of the authors or users that start with or have an asterisk within their name! Simple as that!

Pick the story button and you’ll go to another sub menu and find more buttons. These buttons will help you specifically search for the story you are looking for. The layout for each sub menu would look like this:

First Sub menu
What genre is the story in?

  1. Romance
  2. Drama
  3. Hollywood I doubt this shelf will be here for any longer, though
  4. Comedy
  5. Mystery
  6. Fantasy
  7. Thriller/Horror

Unless Episode adds new genres or even combine the new ones, these are the ones we have to stick with for now.

After we choose the genre we want, we choose what concept of that genre we want! Here is what I mean:

If you chose romance, there will be a question and buttons that say:

Second Sub menu
What kind of romance story are you looking for? Or some better question that fits my answer.

  1. A romance that has 1 million+ reads
  2. A romance that is complete
  3. A romance that was/is a part of a contest

If you chose the third option, it would take you to all of the contests that the romance genre has been a part of, such as the LDR one. It would be in a list like the other menus are. The same list would apply to all of the other genres (except Hollywood, for obvious reasons). And so many more options in these sub menus could be here too (if you want, tell me your suggestion below)!

But that’s it! Like and support if you agree that Episode’s app needs a better search system!









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