APP: Book Club Search Tab/Share Club link

Book clubs are the newest feature to the mobile app. And while I think they’re a great addition, there’s one issue that’s already and issue. You can only see a handful of clubs at a time. I want to suggest either adding a way to search for specific clubs or giving us the ability to share the link for the club to others. To make things easier


You should change the “FEATURE” to “APP” since this feature suggestions has to do with the app itself.


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Support!!! I am searching the club my bestie made. He made it hours ago and I still can’t find it. :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming:


That would make it easier , my friend made a club when the feature came out or when we found out like idk 4 days ago I guess and I still can’t find her club and she can’t send a invite nor can I search for it .

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Got booted :hiking_boot: out of a club I created, and I would like to rejoin pls Episode :smiling_face_with_tear:

I agree, there should be a search option for this.

Bump :yellow_heart:

Support! :fire:

Hola soy nueva jugando episode como puedo unirme a un club

Hola quiero hecerte una pregunta como me uno al club del libro

Join my club I promise lots of challenges and opportunities
It’s called : made4every1

Support! Have always wondered why that feature didn’t come together with the update. :joy_cat:

Please do join AvidReaders04. I assure you it’ll be very active and competitive over gems :blush::heart_hands:

I’m probably not the one you’re looking for because I’m quite inactive in reading nowadays. :sob: