APP: Bring back genre specify in stories' covers

So, we used to be able to see the story’s genre when clicking on it in the app before going (if going) into the story.

It’s not possible anymore, and unless the stories are at a specific genre section, I can’t really know what genre it’s specified as unless I get to the “pass to the next episode” page.

It’s pretty annoying, I literally just got into a story that I got the impression was Action/ Thriller or something a like, but it was a comedy.

Please, Episode, make it available again!
It’s important for people to know the genre of the story before deciding to go read it!

If you support this subject, show some support!


Hi! The title of this feature request currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for suggestion threads. Please review those guidelines and edit your thread to ensure it isn’t closed or deleted. Thanks! :v:t2:

I edited it, better now?

Hi! Titles for feature requests should be formatted this way:

Yeah, when I go to the drama section, I expect like school jealousy drama and all that jazz, but I only fond “Pregnant with the Bad Boy” and all that crap.

This has been sorted!! ::slight_smile:

It was before that haha it doesn’t matter anymore since they got it back in the new updates

As called out above, this FEATURE WAS ADDED in a previous update. Since it’s in the app, I will close this thread :relaxed: