App changes (no replay, fanmail etc.)

A few days ago I discovered a change. The Seven Day Challenge was suddenly gone. And today, I also noticed something else. Usually, when we tap the … it showed “Replay story”, “Fanmail” etc. Now it shows only “Remove story”. Is it supposed to be this way? Because I haven’t found an announcement regarding this.

I collected gems to replay a featured story with the gem choices, but now I can’t replay it because that option disappeared…


Me too! I can’t see the fan mail option anymore!


To replay a story, you have to click the story… not so it looks small but like it’s big and you can see the description for that story… then click the three dots and then you’ll be able to replay it



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Well, I did that, I was also talking about that button, it’s gone!

See, there’s nothing.

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Same here, even though I’ve had an Episode Profile since 2018, I just filed an support ticket about this problem also :neutral_face: so let’s just hope they will reply soon…

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That’s because it’s an episode official story lol

It’s also on other non-features stories, so that’s not it…

And I’m pretty sure you can replay featured stories because I did not long ago.


0.0 then IDk lmao

They just emailed me back, and said that these features will be gone for a limited time only while their Team finishes their work right now which includes, Daily Reader Rewards, Story Replays and Profiles and that their Team is working hard to get these features back soon… :unamused:

did they mention anything about unlimited offer?

Actually no :thinking: but I also heard that the unlimited passes offer disappeared for some people…

Still no change.

Same here. Although they said that they are going to resolve this issue :unamused:

Surely an update could fix this, right? I haven’t had an update in a while now.

Actually click into the story so that you’re in a scene of the story or on the “to be continued” page THEN click the three dots and it should work.

For the replay option anyways…

Well, there are no dots either…

Let it sit for a second and sometimes they pop up maybe?