App crashes because of ads

Hello there,

every time I want to play an episode, the app on my tablet crashes when the ads are starting. I literally tried everything. Re-installing, deleting other apps, restarting my device. It’s really frustating because I’m not able to read a single story anymore. I already filed a support ticket but all they do is asking my if I did this and that. Well, I wouldn’t have filed a ticket if I didn’t try all this before.

Does any of you have the same problem? :frowning:

This happened to me for a long time, as well, before I upgraded my iPhone (I had an iPhone 6 before). If a video ad popped up, it would always make my app crash. It definitely couldn’t have been because my storage was too full, because I was nowhere near my limit. Perhaps it just doesn’t work as well on older devices? :woman_shrugging:

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Hm. I’d say my device isn’t that old. I think from 2014. Maybe I have to wait until a new update for the app is out or the ads change. I just hope it will work again soon. :frowning: Thanks for your reply!