App crashes only with my own story

Have anyone else tried that your app just crashes when you try to preview your own story? It happened after working in a new episode of my story last night…

It only happens with one of my stories. I can preview my other story with no problems.
I can also read anything else.

Any ideas ? Bad script ? (I have no errors showing in my script.)


I don’t think it’s a problem with your script as lots of people are having this problem. To be honest it’s probably the app just glitching.
I’d say send a support ticket, but I’m not sure if they can do anything about it.


Exactly the same happens to me. I sent a support ticket, but no reply yet.


Ahh okay, I didn’t know that it was a common problem! Thank you for the reply though.


Yeah I did too. But must be a problem with the app itself then. I thought it was only me, since I can play through my other story with no problems.


I would like to suggest to do everything twice.
So, if you saved once do it again even though you made no changes.
Also, upload/update the same chapters again.
What happens is that when you upload/update the chapters sometimes it doesn’t upload properly.
I hope this helps.

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