App crashing everytime

Since friday my app doesn’t work it crash everytime i open it i write a lot of tickets but no one answer me and my app still doesn’t work i don’t know what to do can someone please help me

As the episode team would say, I would recommend uninstalling the app and waiting a few more days to reinstall it. If nothing happens then try emailing them again!

I already try all of that and nothing happened or worked i send them e-mails and still no answer

Hmm :thinking: did you try signing out of the app first before deleting it?

Hey there @Mounira.B, I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I’d heavily recommend against submitting multiple tickets to the team. This will push your tickets to the bottom of the queue, which means it will take longer for the team to respond to them. In the future, please submit only ticket, then wait for a reply from the team before answering it. :slight_smile:

No i didn’t

they answer me they tell me to wait


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Can you please do something because it’s still not working, it update I can see that there are new storie but when I click on them it keep crashing it’s been a whole week now it was friday and now we’re friday again.
I don’t understand the app used to work perfectly without any problem plus No one answer since yesterday I just want my app to work again, so maybe you could try restore my app on thursday april 24 when the app was working.

Mine is doing the same thing. I can’t even get into the game to log out. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it hasn’t worked.

Did you send a ticket ?

I can’t even get in to send a ticket. It stops working before I can get into the app.

Here send it here

Maybe it Will work

Still not working

I have exactly the same problem, I’ve never had anything with app before, it worked perfectly until the day before yesterday ! :cry:
I’ve already sent a technical support ticket to the episode team … but there’s still no change to the problem…

I’m afraid that by reinstalling the app my data and the stories I saved and read will disappear…

Mine work since Last week the episode team restored it but before they restore it it wasn’t working for one month. Now it work but i lost all of my progress. I guess it’s not too bad.
Keep sending tickets to them and wait before they answer you before you send another ticket otherwise it Will take too long for them to respond.

Hey same thing happen to me I click a story it opens but when it loads it logging me out I am confused I tried support ticket but it didn’t work