App Crashing on adding stories that I want to Recommend

Whenever in the app I want to add some stories that I would like to recommend others to read. When select the stories and then press done, The app crashes.

I want to add some stories that I want to recommend my followers to read, But that bug won’t allow me.
How do I fix this bug?

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You can always send a support ticket

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How do I send a support ticket?

Hey there @SimonX, use this help ticket link to submit a ticket to the support team. :smiley:

It’s the same for me, I’ve had this problem for a couple of months now.
I already sent a ticket, hopefully they can solve it.

Did you solve it? @Esli.episode

I am in a situation and I need help I used to play on my ipad, episode. I was unable to login and password in the app so letters and numbers appeared as login and password. but i continued to play and read lots of stories but i wiped the ipad device and i can’t play on android. Now I have 4 passes in this email at most, I only had 2 emails. but I don’t have the stories and I want to be able to read stories. I read the majority that is on the homepage I don’t want to go back to the beginning please help me. I just signed up with this email on the forum. Thanks

What is your exact problem I can’t understand.

I wanted my stories back to finish read them but I lost everything. Now I have to read recomended stories can suport guys let me read another stories or I have to read 18 chapters to unlock the another’s?

you should try to restore your account.

Nothing worked for me.
I think the best thing to do is to ask them to reset my account.

How do you get your account reset?