APP : Create a shelf based on readers voting

I wish there was a shelf where majority of readers can vote their favorite stories.

  • Its like we get to vote to story on the last episode of a story , so that the stories with highest votes will be featured in top of the shelf.

  • Votes are to be anonymously done just like rating so that the readers can give genuine votes.

  • It helps many good authors to be featured.

  • Every reader gets to play a part in that shelf rather than comments made on Instagram or suggesting stories on forums.

  • Shelf can have endless number of stories where there can be top ten / top 50 / top 100 etc.

I would love to read the stories voted by majority of readers :heart: :heart:

PLEASE LIKE , COMMENT AND SUPPORT to get it noticed and make it happen . Please support!


If I’m not mistaken, this is similar to the system used on Wattpad. I think it’s good but I also think that it gives an edge to the stories with more chapters. I would say one vote per story is enough, quantity doesn’t equal quality.


Agreed. I updated the post accordingly :). Please keep giving suggestions. Tysm for responding :smile:

Thanks for noticing and supporting ! :smile:

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Thank you so much!


Heyyy Support

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Tysm :smile: