APP: Episode Count

How cool would it be, if on your user profile it tells you:
How many episode (chapters) you’ve read since you joined
How many stories you completed



OMG that would be soooo cool :smile:

except then everyone would know I have no life because I’ve probably read around 500 chapters since 2015 :joy:


I’ve read like a zillion- but I wanna know the number

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Yeah same that’d be really cool

or if they had like different leveled members. Like gold for featured authors and authors with like 10M reads + and then another color like blue author with 1M reads+ and then so forth. Then maybe do readers and not authors to be like the color red. If that makes sense :sweat_smile:. I feel like it could be complicated so idk but it might be cool

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I read over a 1000 chapters since this spring break​:joy::joy::joy:


Wow, you have people who’ve read 500 chapters plus, and I’ve read way less than that :astonished:
But yes, it would be cool if you could have those stats available and maybe even get mini rewards from the episodes you read (ex. depending on how many you read, the greater the prizes or something like that)?
Feature sounds epic :sunglasses:


That would be awesome
I would have like 500
I’ve probably read heaps more episodes lol but that was on my old ipads

omg I’d love this