APP: Episode Translate! (Added Quick Poll)



Hey Episode Community!

So I have this idea that maybe Episode can translate their stories into all forms of communication for EVERYONE to read.

By everyone I mean people who otherwise can’t atm due to a language barrier or disability.

Not only would Episode be global, everyone will get to enjoy all the amazing stories Episode has to offer and it’s an excellent way to increase diversity!!

So my ideas are to have a setting on the app for readers to read the story in the language they comprehend, and convert the action/dialogues to vocal story-telling narration by Siri so those who are blind can be included too.

Should Episode include this Feature in the app?

  • Yes. It’s complicated but worth it. Episode should be inclusive!
  • No. It’s too complicated and I don’t mind for the feature either way.

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More in Depth Explanation of how it would work. Choose to read if you’d like.

I know multiple languages can already be done but there will just be too many complications relying on authors.

That’s where the Episode Translate feature comes in. Like Google Translate, whatever is written for a chapter is corrected and translated into various languages. I understand that Google Translate isn’t always accurate in terms of grammar, conjugating etc. So, much like regulating overlays/backgrounds, there could be members on the Episode team who fluently speak those languages to edit and modify written chapters when granted permission from the author just like captions on YouTube videos.

As far as communication between the author and reader, I think Episode Translate will be enough to have a basic understanding of what the other is conveying.

Now on to the visual aspect… I know that the visual adaption of stories is Episode’s trademark so some may say “it wouldn’t make sense or even matter to accommodate to the blind…” However I disagree. It’s a moral right to have someone at a disadvantage be able to enjoy the same things you are enjoying if it’s possible they can. It’s unfair not to! They’re literally saying, "because they’re blind they just have to accept missing out." They may not be able to enjoy it the same way we can but at least they’ll get to enjoy it in the way they can. I know if I were blind, I’d still love to experience Episode Interactive stories and would be beyond disappointed if I couldn’t!

So a way to translate in this case would be to allow voiceover in the episode app. More in depth about what that is and how it works: Apple has an accessibility setting for the blind called voiceover. You hold your finger on an app, emoji, word and it will tell you exactly what it is and describe it. What if, like editing/modifying chapters, members in the episode team OR the writer can narrate the action and include voice over? An even more advanced method: having them tap once to continue dialogue but twice (or long press) to hear voice over narrate and describe what’s happening (without written narration)… things of that sort!

It doesn’t get more Episode Interactive than that! :smirk:

I realize this is incredibly advanced but no harm in sparking an idea that may [I hope] come true in the future!

Let me know your thoughts and support/like if you’d like Episode to implement these changes on the app!

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I’m kinda surprised this isn’t already a thing. I was thinking the other day about how most of the stories are in English rather than other languages, it would be pretty cool if other languages (and the blind) got to understand it too. So I support.


I think it’s probably because it’s really advanced lol but I hope Episode has been working on it or will be considering the idea. :relaxed: