APP: Episode Translate (Support Inclusivity/Diversity!)



Imagine Episode translating stories into all forms of communication for EVERYONE to read. In this case, people who can’t at the moment due to a language barrier or disability

It’s an excellent way to increase + guarantee diversity!!

All it is, is a setting on the app for readers to read the story in the language they comprehend, and convert the action/dialogues to vocal story-telling narration by Siri so those who are blind can be included too.

Please LIKE to show your support along with voting so this thread can get Episode’s attention increasing the chances of this feature being implemented.

A more in depth explanation of how it would work down below. Choose to read if you’d like.


Unfortunately, this has been addressed by Episode on the old forums but was left ignored soon after without any sign of potential progress to date .

This has been long needed and would make Episode a much better place for readers/writers along with all the current/future advancements - this is an important one that will ensure diversity in a way like no other. We’ll actually be a united, diverse, supportive community.

I know multiple languages can already be done but there will just be too many complications relying on authors.

That’s where the Episode Translate feature comes in. Like Google Translate, whatever is written for a chapter is corrected and translated into various languages. I understand that Google Translate isn’t always accurate in terms of grammar, conjugating etc. So, much like regulating overlays/backgrounds, there could be members on the Episode team who fluently speak those languages to edit and modify written chapters when granted permission from the author just like captions on YouTube videos.

As far as communication between the author and reader, I think Episode Translate will be enough to have a basic understanding of what the other is conveying.

Now on to the visual aspect… I know that the visual adaption of stories is Episode’s trademark so some may say “it wouldn’t make sense or even matter to accommodate to the blind…” However I disagree. It’s a moral right to have someone at a disadvantage be able to enjoy the same things you are enjoying if it’s possible they can. It’s unfair not to! They’re literally saying, "because they’re blind they just have to accept missing out." They may not be able to enjoy it the same way we can but at least they’ll get to enjoy it in the way they can. I know if I were blind, I’d still love to experience Episode Interactive stories and would be beyond disappointed if I couldn’t!

So a way to translate in this case would be to allow voiceover in the episode app. More in depth about what that is and how it works: Apple has an accessibility setting for the blind called voiceover. You hold your finger on an app, emoji, word and it will tell you exactly what it is and describe it. What if, like editing/modifying chapters, members in the episode team OR the writer can narrate the action and include voice over? An even more advanced method: having them tap once to continue dialogue but twice (or long press) to hear voice over narrate and describe what’s happening (without written narration)… things of that sort!

It doesn’t get more Episode Interactive than that! :smirk:

I realize this is incredibly advanced but no harm in sparking an idea that may [I hope] come true in the future!

Should Episode include this Feature in the app?

  • Yes. It’s complicated but worth it. Episode should be inclusive!
  • No. It’s too complicated and I don’t mind for the feature either way.

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I’m kinda surprised this isn’t already a thing. I was thinking the other day about how most of the stories are in English rather than other languages, it would be pretty cool if other languages (and the blind) got to understand it too. So I support.


I think it’s probably because it’s really advanced lol but I hope Episode has been working on it or will be considering the idea. :relaxed:


I completely agree, Episode should be for everyone even if it means changing it around in very complex/expensive ways. I am also kinda surprised that Episode hasn’t already done this, or that there is no other option offered to translate everything to their native language on someone’s phone/ipad/kindle/etc.


Thank you for the support! I really hope we’ll get an explanation soon.


That may mean adding a blind version as well, bc some animations will don’t mean certain things when used by authors, a better idea in a way may be to create a spotlight as well for the voice-over for blind peeps


Thank you for your input. :relaxed:

I don’t mind how it’s done as long as Episode makes it happen.


actually this seems really simple, this counts for languages and disabled folk, having something similar to “talkback” or those google translate pop ups you see on almost anything that is detected to not be your language. and even if there was an option like when you start out and they ask “hey, do you want limelight, ink or classic?” for authors would still be productive


actually I would feel it would be easier than what episode is doing now and more like audio books since the blind obviously cannot see. it would mean no use of artists to produce animations.


Support! :tipping_hand_woman:t4:. :raised_hand:t5:. :raising_hand_woman:t4:


I agree but I think it’s more about the interactive aspect and hopefully this will be in effect soon. I’m going to keep trying to get Episode’s attention. :pensive:

Please remember to like this thread to show your support so Episode can see. :heart:


Agreed! Thank you! :relaxed:


I accidentally ; i didnt mean o vote at all

This idea is good but i dont think its practical


I disagree. I don’t think it’s impractical to be inclusive or accessible.

Programs already do this. They’re inclusive when it comes to other languages just not as entirely accessible for those who have disabilities.

Episode may not have the money or resources to incorporate this now but they do state that they want to progress and advance as a platform. With the mindset that things are “impractical” they never will. I don’t doubt that in the next 5-10 years, this won’t be a possibility one way or another.


This would be great for me! I was born in the US, but I’m originally from the Philippines. I know most of its primary language (tagalog), but it would be cool to actually be able to read it.

I was also born with speech delay as well, so this could be good for me. :slight_smile:


Aw… My nephew has a speech delay. He even made his own language which proves he’s a lil genius but I’m with you. I’m Mexican and would love an opportunity to read more in Spanish as I’m trying to learn & embrace my culture more.

Thank you for your support! My goal is to incorporate this into my own stories when I have more of an opportunity to and for Episode to make a public announcement regarding this topic and it’s standing. I’ve honestly been slightly discouraged just because so many people have viewed this and couldn’t even take a second to like this thread. Embracing cultures and unity is a wonderful thing! No doubt it will change some things but the only reason Episode would ever consider doing this is because of the money. :unamused: I guess as long as it drives something that matters. :joy: :heart:


I like the idea but I think It would be best if episode allows you to choose which language you read in for various books


this would be cool if it ever happens


I agree. I thought maybe it could be a little more advanced but whatever works.


I think it’s a great idea! Here in Italy, there are a lot of girls who want to read stories on Episode, but they don’t know English very well (In Italy we are not so good ahahah), there are some stories in Italian but after a couple of days they uninstall the app… it would bring a lot of new users if they let people choose the language!